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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Book vs. Movie

After reading The Giver, we decided to watch the movie in class. I liked the book, so I was curious to see if the movie was as good and if it was any different than the book. I think they were both good and would recommend them both. There were a few differences between the book and the movie. In the movie, the chief elder was the antagonist.  To signify how Jonas is different than others he had a birthmark instead of light eyes.  There were also some changes that were probably done for entertainment purposes.  For example, how Jonas told Fiona not to take her daily injections and how Jonas and Asher have their airplane scene at the end.
    None of these changes are very important or make the book significiatly different from the movie. I think the movie did a very good job representing the book and some of the changes were good. The movie wouldn't probably be as interesting without antagonist, even though there really wasn’t one in the book. Unlike the book, I also liked how they added Rosemary in as a hologram.  It would be boring listening to the Giver talk about her without any dialogue or action. I also think it was smart to have Rosemary playing the piano, so the movie doesn’t seem too boring in black and white and musicless.
    I think the biggest changes in the movie were about Asher and the Chief Elder. The only way this impacts this movie is how Asher has to try to capture Jonas and “finish” him, which he didn't even do. Even that doesn’t impact the movie enough to change the whole storyline. The other big change is how the Chief Elder is the antagonist in the movie. In the book she is just kinda there and didn’t do much. I think this actually helped the movie, because it made more dramatic, and made it seem like there was a good and a bad character. Another change includes Jonas not having light eyes.  This isn’t really a big deal.  It would also be harder to show light eyes in the movie. The birthmark was a good change that still made sense.  In the book, Jonas receives the Christmas memory that changes everything.  However, in the movie Jonas receives a different memory at a festival with a bunch of kids, adults, and elders. Even though they are different memories they still have the same purpose.
    Even though there were differences, I think the movie did a good job representing the book. It showed daily life in their community, with their dwellings, assignments, and meal times. It also showed the Giver and Jonas together and Jonas receiving memories. The movie followed the storyline of The Giver and didn't add or subtract any major scenes. It showed the relationship between Jonas, Fiona, and Asher, while adding an antagonist. They may have their differences but I think that the movie is a great representation of the book.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Not Everything is as good as it seems

Today I read The Landscape of Memory. It is about people who have very goid memory skills and pho graphic memory. Later it talks about how it isn't as good as it seems. Through the the whole book I was wondering what the point was, but now I understand that the books point is something's may not be as good as they seem. I wonder how it fits in the the rest of the books we have been reading, because they all have to do with diplomatic futures, and this one doesn't.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Why is Walking A Crime

Sinc I am done reading to day I read a short story called "The Pedestrian" and  "The Forecast". The first one is set in the future, and everything is odd like, The Giver. This time it is about this one guy who is gets arrested for taking a walk at night. "The Forecast" is kinda like a poem compairing The Giver to our life now. " The Pedestrian" didn't really make sense to me, and I thought it was really wired. I wonder what was the whole point of "The Pedestrian" and what the story is trying to tell you in the end.

What is the ending?

 In The Giver we finally get to the ending. After traveling such a long way, Jonas and Gabe get to the top of the snowy hill and ride down it, and at the bottom there is a house with lights and singing and they are all waiting for Jonas. We also read some of the author, Luis Lowry, speech. She talks about how everyone's ending to the story is different. In my opinion I think that it's smart she did that because everyone has their own ending to The Giver. I wonder though what is really suppose to happen in the end of the story, if she has an ending to the book, and what it is.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

New World

In The Giver, Jonas does his plans to go else where, but there is one change and that is him bringing Gabriel. He does that because otherwise he would be released the next day. I think it must be weird for Jonas out in the fields because he sees things like birds and deer that he has never seen before. I wonder how long Jonas has been traveling and how long it will take him.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Plan

Today in The Giver Jonas and the giver creates a plan for Jonas to go to a different community. We also find out that Rosemary (the girl who was being trained for the receiver but applied for a release) is the giver's daughter. I think that Jonas might get caught, because he has to break so many rules for his plan to work. I wonder if we will find anything else more about Rosemary.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

What is a release?

Today was a big day in The Giver. We finally finger out what a release really is. Jonas decides to watch his dad release a twin, and he does that by giving the baby a shot in one of it's vains, then puts it in a bag and pushes him into a room " elsewhere" so basically he dies. I would feel so sad if I were Jonas, having to see that whole thing going on. I wonder how many people know about what really happens when you are being released vs they go to a different community.